new egg shaped heroes @ ti5

I was 1800 in queue for Ollo until I realized they locked character creation for that server

Loving this game

Reposting Tusk sketch from last night because timble made the image extremely small for some reason.


Lord of the Winding Maze

new razor set created for EG, by zip, me, horse strangler and pior!!

ruzihm replied to your post “I wish Archeage didn’t have a 10 year queue time”

Beezi you play AA? Which server/faction are you on?

Playing on Ollo

most likely gonna be the furry

Elf if I’m going as the other faction

I wish Archeage didn’t have a 10 year queue time

okay so it’s almost been a year since I last drew sven (crazy huh???) 

This is a difference of about 10 months… 

Sven has blue eyes on his thumbnail but not on his actual model??

 Look it’s a Sveb

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